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Hector Del Villar

Warehouse Manager
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Warehouse manager Hector Del Villar of Affordable Quality Moving and Storage (AQMS) was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, calling Southern California home for most of his life. He brings an incredible 16+ years of industry experience to AQMS – with three of those years spent right here with our Burbank moving company. Moving our clients can often be an intricate process that hinges on immaculate organization. Thanks to Hector’s smart management of our warehouses, we never run into trouble on that front. Indeed, he has said he is motivated at work to be as efficient as can be to help our clients actually enjoy the moving process.

Hector is a family man in his free time, spending time with his spouse and son. Perhaps his warehouse management skills helps him keep a totally organized garage and workbench?

Learn more about how Hector keeps AQMS ready for any moving project, no matter the size or challenge, by contacting our Burbank movers today. We also offer free moving quotes for interested parties.