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  • What I Wish I Knew About Los Angeles Before Moving Here

    Los Angeles is one of the cultural jewels of the world, and it matches pound-for-pound the art, food, music, and diversity found in all of the globe’s most famous cities. Millions of people come to Southern California every year—and every year, there are millions who are surprised (pleasantly and otherwise) by the parts of LA they never heard about. Here are the top 5 things we think you need to ...
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  • Why You Shouldn’t Rent a Moving Truck in Los Angeles

    You are excited about your up-and-coming Los Angeles move, but you haven’t thought through the details of the entire move. You have to decide how you’re going to accomplish it, and you know that you can’t use personal vehicles. For this reason, you are looking into renting a moving truck to get the job done. However, there are many problems with using a rental truck in Los Angeles. Curbside ...
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  • Things to Think About When Moving into a Los Angeles Apartment

    You signed the lease, and you are excited to move into your new Los Angeles apartment. However, you have yet to think through the process of actually moving your items to your new home. Los Angeles is a complicated city, and it’s important to prepare for a complicated move. Los Angeles is busy no matter the day . Typically, moving during weekdays is less of a hassle than moving in on weekends. ...
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  • Four Problems with Using Personal Moving Vehicles in Los Angeles

    You did it: you mustered up the courage to look at the logistics of moving to or from downtown Los Angeles. You are excited about your new move, but you haven’t been realistic about using, borrowing, or renting your personal moving vehicles for the process. Unfortunately, there are complications in moving around Los Angeles when it comes to parking and utilizing personal vehicles. Here is a list ...
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  • How to Help Children Adapt After a Los Angeles Move

    As you are in the process of preparing for a Los Angeles move , you have begun to question how you can help your children acclimate to their new environment. You begin to wonder if they will make friends at school, if there are any nearby playgrounds, and you worry your children will miss their old home. If you need assistance in helping your children adapt in a time of transition, here are a few ...
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  • Why Hire a Professional Moving Company?

    The premise of a move is simple in theory: take your things from Point A and get them to Point B. However, the actual process of moving is much more complicated. Between slim door frames, flights of stairs, awkward furniture, and the hundreds of items that need to be packed, the work that moving requires is overwhelming. Here are some of the top reasons you should hire a professional moving ...
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