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    • How to Preserve Your Culture When Moving Internationally

      If you are moving to a new country, you may be worried about adjusting to your new community and losing your family traditions. It’s important to know that just because you’re adapting to a new culture, it doesn’t mean you need to let go of your customs. Balancing both cultures will be essential to maintaining your identity while embracing a new culture. Living in a new country can feel strange ...
    • 5 Things to Know if You’re Moving to LA

      Adjusting to life in a new city will always take time — but if that new city happens to be LA, then it may take even more time than you expect (in the best way possible). This fast-paced spot is where all of the action happens. From famous attractions to celebrities on the streets, LA has precisely what you're looking for. However, newcomers to the City of Angels may want to do a bit of research, ...
    • The Ultimate International Moving Guide

      Are you planning to move out of the country but don’t know where to start? AQMS has created a guide for your international move. Moving internationally is daunting—this is why we have listed a few essential “must do’s” to set you up for success before your departure day. Below some things you will want to do before you leave the states: Get Visas Fully Settled Well Before Your Departure Day ...

    Moving Tips

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    • The 8 Best Apps to Make Moving Easy & Foolproof

      Moving internationally requires extensive planning and organizing, but thankfully, there are resources available to help you. Smartphones now offer a variety of apps that help international movers search for a new home, organize their packing, and settle into their new location. Affordable Quality Moving & Storage created a list below of the 8 best apps that will make your move a lot easier. Apps ...
    • Tips to Save Money When Moving Abroad

      If you're moving to another country, you have to pay for visas, flights, shipping, and more. Although relocating to a new country is exciting, it can also get expensive. Thankfully, the team at Affordable Quality Moving & Storage has put together tips to cut moving costs. Plan Ahead Giving yourself time to plan ahead and prepare for your relocation will save you a lot of money. If you need to ...
    • Don't Feel like Packing? AQMS Can Do It for You!

      Moving internationally is a lot of work. Movers have to get their visa and other documents ready, notify banks, insurers, and important entities about their relocation, and (of course) pack their stuff. Packing your belongings takes time and effort, but—thankfully—the moving process is much easier with the help of Affordable Quality Moving & Storage. Our Los Angeles international movers can help ...
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