The Importance of In-Home Estimates

Just a few hours north of here, in the Bay Area, people are realizing the importance of finding reputable and accountable moving companies. During the height of fire season just a month or two ago, people who were able to leave the area packed up their things and called moving companies for help. Unfortunately, due to the fires, almost every moving company was booked up.

And sadly, when moving companies are operating at peak capacity, less-than-honest ‘companies’ will form overnight and swoop in to take advantage of desperate people. Families ended up paying thousands of dollars for moving crews that didn’t know what they were doing, ended up damaging or losing their stuff, or worse, they didn’t show up at all.

In the age of the Internet, it’s easy to pretend to be a moving company. All you need is an address, a phone number, and a business profile. In real life, many of these moving companies are unlicensed amateurs who rent a truck, grab a few of their friends, and charge thousands for a job you could have done better yourself.

And if your necklace that your grandmother left you gets damaged? You’ll find that holding the ‘company’ accountable is difficult when the company suddenly no longer exists.

So how can you tell the difference between these fly-by-night movers and the licensed, experienced, and insured professionals?

There are a few signs:

  • Years of operation
  • License to operate
  • Physical location
  • Branded trucks
  • Full-time staff

But one of the best ways to tell the quality of a moving company is whether they offer in-home estimates.

Why Get an In-Home Estimate?

An in-home estimate takes more time and requires more skill, but the trade-off is that they’re far more accurate and give both the client and the mover a better idea of what they’ll need to do the job well. Moving companies made of an unscrupulous ‘owner’ with an old rented truck will try to avoid in-home estimates to maximize the number of jobs they get with minimal effort.

In other words, a company that offers in-home estimates is more concerned with doing a good job and providing excellent service.

Another reason you shouldn’t trust phone estimates: an estimate over the phone provides zero information about what your move will actually require. The cost of a move comes from the number of movers and the number of hours it takes to get your stuff loaded and unloaded. There’s no way to calculate the cost with any accuracy unless your moving company can see your home for themselves. Companies that only offer phone quotes are counting on that. In many cases, they’ll lowball you over the phone, only to hit you with the real price when it’s too late to object.

If you’re looking to move (especially if you’re in a time crunch), it’s extra imperative that you get an in-home estimate. Our Los Angeles moving company is licensed, insured, and experienced. We abide by all state and county health precautions when we do in-home estimates and moving services, ensuring that you and your family are safe while we handle your move.

Speak with us at (818) 960-1988 today for an in-home estimate! Get the peace of mind (and accurate quote) you deserve.