Three Steps to Downsizing Your Belongings Fearlessly

Every year, homeowners and renters downsize to a smaller home, either as a lifestyle choice or a budgeting choice. Smaller homes means you either resign to living in a more cramped space…or you decide to trim down your belongings and figure out what really matters to you.

In today’s blog, we’re going to cover the downsizing process, and how you can prioritize your belongings, get rid of stuff you don’t want, and make your life more manageable in a smaller space!

Group Your Stuff into Piles (Phase 1)

Create two groups for every category of “thing” that you own (books, clothing, kitchen appliances). One group will be the “Keep” pile, and one group will be the “Donate” pile. Some people find it helpful to set up a “filter” rule to decide what goes where. For instance, for clothing, you could have a filter like “clothes I haven’t worn in a year” or “clothing that no longer fits.” 

You don’t need a filter though; just try to make sure your donate pile gets to a healthy size!

Measure Your Furniture

Knowing your furniture’s dimensions means you’re not relying on “eyeballing it” when you move. Get the floorpan of your new place, and measure your current furniture. Once you’ve done that, use your floorplan to figure out where your furniture is going to fit. Pieces that won’t fit or pieces that you don’t like, you can sell on services like OfferUp or Facebook Marketplace. 

If there are pieces that you want to keep but won’t fit in your smaller place, then you might want to consider storing it in a secure storage facility. We can help you store family heirlooms, valuable furniture, or just a nice couch that you’re not ready to let go of. 

Group Your Stuff into Piles (Phase 2)

Remember all those things you sorted into “Keep” piles? Now’s time for the second part of that process: “Essential” and “Redundant.” You’ll need to summon all your most brutal honesty for this step. Really ask yourself what items you need, the items you use frequently, and the things you only own because they’re nice to have. 

One good example is cookware. Many of us have sets of pans and pots that are all useful, but we really could make do with three pieces: a pan, a saucepan, and large pot. Anything else is nice to have, but we don’t necessarily need it in our kitchens. Anything that isn’t essential to you goes into the Donate pile.

A note about keeping items in storage:

It’s not ideal to keep your non-essential items in storage. After all, the point of downsizing is to cut down on what you own, not just put it all out of sight. People with storage lockers can attest that having extra storage often encourages us to accrue belongings, not get rid of them.

If you do want to use storage, we have excellent and highly secure warehouses for our customers to use. For people who aren’t ready to let go of some of their belongings, having a storage space could help you figure out what you really need. If you can go three months or six months without needing a particular item, then you can probably live without it. Just make sure to follow up on downsizing your “Keep” pile once it's in storage!

There you have it! An easy, three-step process for downsizing your belongings and living a simpler, more minimal life. Whether you’re moving somewhere smaller or you simply want to cut down on clutter, this process will help you whittle down the things that really matter to you, and what things need letting go. 

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