Packing Your Clothes Quickly & Efficiently

Moving takes a lot of energy—emotional, physical, and mental. Managing that energy is the key to having a successful (and even enjoyable) move. For AQMS, that means ensuring that you’re putting in minimal effort for maximum effectiveness—especially while packing. 

Today, we’re going over the simple three-step process to make sure packing your clothes goes as efficiently and speedily as possible, beginning with step one:

Donate/Sell the Clothes You Don’t Want

Waiting until after you’ve moved to get rid of your excess clothing is a rookie mistake. People forget that clothing is heavy and takes up a lot of space—if you can thin out your wardrobe, you should do it before lugging everything onto your moving truck.

The best way to get rid of clothing you don’t need or want is to do laundry, and really make sure each piece of clothing is actually something you want to keep. A lot of people keep clothing they haven’t worn in years. Why?

Here’s some of the common reasons people keep clothes they don’t use:

  • We’re hoping it’ll fit again one day. 
  • We use ratty, old clothing for work around the house.
  • It’s out of style, but we have good memories associated with it.
  • We just haven’t thought about it in a while.

We have to be honest with ourselves to get rid of clothing. We might need to realize that, while we still hope to fit in “that dress” or “those jeans” one day, we need to keep the clothes that fit us today. We might need to realize that no one needs two dozen old work shirts from 1999. We might need to realize that clothes we don’t wear anymore are just taking up space without giving us anything in return.

Keep Your Clothing in Your Dresser on Moving Day

Dressers are essentially boxes, so why would we take clothing out of one box and put them in other boxes? Make life easier for yourself: just pack up your dresser with all of your clothing still inside. 

Here are the steps:

  • Roll each piece of clothing inside tightly
  • Pack the dresser as tightly as possible
  • Use packing wrap to tightly secure the dresser drawers

If you pack your bedsheets and towels in your dresser, mark which drawer they’re in so you can find them quickly while unpacking.

All that we ask is, if you’re hiring a professional mover, let us know that your dresser is full!

Use Garbage Bags to Bag Your Hanging Clothes

This is the fastest way to get your closet ready for Moving Day. Organize your hanging clothes however way you like. You can group all your wool or cotton clothes, or you can group your clothes by “work,” “casual,” “formal,” etc. Once grouped, grab five or six hangers at once, and slide the clothes into a garbage bag from the bottom. Use the drawstrings to secure the garbage bag to the hangers.

Using these bags protects your clothing from dust and stains during the move, and it makes unpacking a breeze. The only thing to remember: your clothing has to be bone dry before you wrap them up. Even slightly wet clothing can get moldy or mildewy.

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