5 Household Items Most Likely to Get Damaged While Moving (& What You Can Do About It)

When people are planning a move, their Moving Day planning centers around the “big pieces”—the fridge, the dining room table, the master bed. In some cases, it might be a giant mirror or a dresser that was a gift from your great-grandmother. These items all require special care, but we already knew that.

However, there is a secret list of items that homeowners don’t realize are the most risky items to move. These are items that might be overlooked until Moving Day, which means it’ll be packed in a rush and more likely to be damaged. The list also includes at least one item that homeowners know is difficult to move, but lack the experience or equipment to move it safely.

To help you prepare for Moving Day with a little less stress or worry, we’ve put together some of the most tricky items to move (in our experience), as well as some tips on how to protect them from the rigors of moving.


Sculptures and other irregularly shaped artwork are difficult to move for two reasons: they’re not uniformly shaped, and they’re often made of fragile materials. Larger sculptures may not even fit in a normal box. There have been countless people who’ve unpacked and found that their priceless (or beloved) art piece has been smashed or cracked. Even canvas art can be difficult to move safely, and canvases have a uniform shape and size.

To ensure your artwork’s safety, you’ll need to wrap it carefully in bubble wrap from every angle. Once in bubble wrap, put it in a box that has additional cushioning in it—perhaps packing peanuts. If it doesn’t fit in a box, do your best to wrap it thickly in as much bubble wrap as you can find. For canvas artwork, do not expose the surface of the art to any newspaper. Ink can transfer from the newspaper to the art, especially in high temperatures.


We know what you’re thinking—“of course I know that moving an aquarium will be hard!” But we’ve seen many a Moving Day go badly because an aquarium owner hadn’t prepared their aquarium adequately. Aquariums can’t stay full in transit, which requires both carefully emptying the aquarium and finding a secure container for the living creatures inside. Additionally, to ensure your fish survive when you refill the aquarium, you’ll need to take steps to drain the tank, keep the water (which contains the bacteria colony your fish are adapted to), and transport the water to your new home.

For this job, we highly recommend hiring a professional. There are numerous things that can go wrong when you’re moving water. Water is heavy, difficult to control, and could easily destroy your other belongings if you’re not careful.


Like any other living thing, plants are sensitive to the rigors and changes that Moving Day comes with. Any temperature-sensitive plants you want to bring to your new home need to be kept in the passenger area with you, where the temperatures won’t climb too high. Additionally, make sure to replace your ceramic pots with sturdier models.

TVs & Large Computer Screens

Televisions have been getting thinner and thinner, while computer screens have only gotten larger in recent years. Frankly, there’s very little difference now between a TV and a computer screen—their thin design and minimal bezels make screens lighter than they used to be, but even more prone to damage.

Here’s how to protect your expensive screens:

Wrap each one in a thick padded blanket, and wrap each corner in bubble wrap for additional protection. When you pack it in the truck, make sure there’s no angles or corners that could possible puncture the screen in transit. If you can, place the screen between two flat, forgiving surfaces.


Pianos are the perfect example of a household item that is both incredibly heavy and incredibly fragile. Pianos can weigh more than 1,000 pounds, and the awkward shape of a grand piano makes them difficult to move without special equipment. On top of that, pianos are made of dozens of intricate parts, any one of which could break during a move.

This is another item where we recommend hiring a team of experienced moving professionals. Pianos are exorbitantly expensive to repair or replace, so it pays off to make sure your piano is moved as flawlessly as possible.

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