5 Things to Know Before Moving

Preparing yourself for Moving Day is mental, physical, and logistical. When people are well-prepared for a move, it can be a stress-free and smooth experience. When they’re not prepared (and we see this a lot), it causes them a lot more pain and anxiety than it ought to. 

As professional movers, our entire job is giving our customers an easy and rewarding moving experience. Today’s blog explains the six things we believe every person needs to understand in order to have a good move. 

#1. It’s Impossible to Move Without Help

If you had to guess the weight of everything you own, how much would you guess? One thousand pounds? Three thousand pounds? For people who don’t move boxes for a living, it’s hard to understand accurately estimate how much labor and time it takes to load all of your stuff onto a truck (and then unload it). 

One thing it’s vital to understand is that moving without help is impossible—or at least, it’s possible, but at what cost? Even just one extra pair of hands cuts your work down by half. If you get three friends, all of a sudden the amount you’re lifting has shrunk by 75%! 

Get comfortable asking friends for help or hiring some extra help, because you’re going to need it. And that’s okay! 

#2. Moving Can Cause Serious Injuries

Our second point ties into why it’s impossible (or extremely difficult) to move on your own. Most people are not physically equipped to lift hundreds and hundreds of pounds over the course of one day. And as people get tired, as they exhaust themselves physically and mentally, they’ll start to cut corners, make mistakes, or lift without proper precautions.

This is the most dangerous point in a move because it’s the moment someone is mostlikely to suffer an injury. Back injuries, knees injuries, and other orthopedic damage is more common during a move than you might think. 

Preventing moving injury isn’t just a matter of having enough strength—it’s also a matter of experience and using the right tools. Most people approach moving like a weightlifting contest, but as professionals, we approach it much more like a puzzle. “How do we lift this with the most safety and least effort?” is the question you ought to ask yourself at all stages of a move.

#3. Small Mistakes Will Cost You Big-Time

Moving Day is hectic, and a lot of things could go wrong. 

You might have wrongly estimated how many boxes you’d need, how much tape you’d use, or how much space you’d have in the truck you rented. People you thought would show up ended up bailing, which tires out the people who did show up even faster. You might have forgotten that you need a furniture dolly, bubble wrap, or other supplies. 

These little mistakes could cost you hours of time, forcing you to keep lifting boxes and getting furniture loaded long after everyone else has gone home. 

One of the advantages of having someone with a lot of moving experience is the foresight to prevent most or all of these mistakes. That saves you time, saves you energy, and keeps you in a stress-free state of mind. 

#4. Moving Day Could Cost Thousands of Dollars

The American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA) reports that the average cost of an interstate move is a few thousand dollars. That’s on top of whatever costs people might already be dealing with: bills, rent, security deposits, down payments, or healthcare costs. There are two ways to deal with hidden or unexpected costs: build up a healthy savings before Moving Day, and do everything you can to account for every possible cost.

Of course, the best way to account for every possible cost is to hire a full-service moving company to handle your move from end to end. At AQMS, we’re committed to offering accurate estimates so our customers know what they’re paying ahead of time. 

#5. Decluttering Your Home Before Moving Saves Money

Okay, this one should be the first step in any move, but a lot of people forget this one! Decluttering before a move is the best way to save yourself time, money, and labor. By figuring out what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of in advance, you’ll make every other stage in your move much, much easier. 

The best reasons to declutter are:

  • Lower cost of transportation
  • Less time packing
  • Freed up storage space

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