How to Prepare for Your Move—Four to Six Weeks Early

So, you’ve found a new place to live. What comes next? How early should you start planning your move?

Planning is one of the best ways to save the time, money, and stress so often associated with moving. But how far in advance do you need to plan? The answer will depend on the distance of your move and your personal preferences, but we recommend preparing at least four to six weeks in advance. You can even start planning and packing eight weeks before moving day to spread out the work even further.

Here’s what you should be doing four to six weeks before moving day:

  • Lock down a moving day. Pick a realistic, concrete date for your move. This is the first step in the moving process and is important for planning purposes.
  • Decide how you’re going to move. Are you going to hire a moving company or try to handle it yourself? Now is the time to do research on what it takes to pack and move on your own, and to get quotes and information from professional moving companies. Armed with this information, you can make the right choice for your move.
  • Take stock of your current belongings. Walk through your house and note down what you have. Compare this to what you’ll need in your new home. If your new home is larger, you may want to keep your furniture. If it’s smaller, you’ll probably need to get rid of a few things to fit in your new space. You may also have different needs if you’re moving to a warmer or colder climate. Note down what you think you’ll need and what you can sell or donate.
  • Purge your belongings. Start going through and getting rid of things you don’t need now and won’t need in your new home. Some of this will have to wait until you get closer to moving day, but it’s best to go ahead and get started on this time-consuming step.
  • Start packing things you don’t use often. You can also start packing up things that you want to take with you. Go ahead and box up any items that you know you won’t need before moving day (fine china, winter clothes, etc.)
  • Talk to your kids about the move. If you have children, you should start talking to them about moving as soon as possible. Get them excited about the idea of moving to a new home, and make sure they’re involved in making decisions about what they’re going to bring, donate, and sell. The more involved they are, the easier the move should be for them to deal with.
  • Send change of address notifications. You can also start sending notifications to credit card companies, friends, family members, and other important people and businesses so they know you’re moving. Submit a change of address to the post office and find out what you’ll need to do to get a driver’s license if you’re changing states.
  • Gather records and find new service providers. If you’re moving to another city, county, or state, you’ll need to find a new dentist, veterinarian, doctor, and other service providers. Gather all of your records from your current providers and get these ready to give to your new ones. You might also need to register your child or children at their new school.
  • Schedule disconnects of your utilities. You’ll need to call and disconnect or transfer your utilities and other services, like gas, water, electric, waste pickup, cable, internet, satellite TV, and more. This is one more way you can make sure you’re fully prepared for your move.

Get Experienced Moving Help

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