5 Tips to Make Moving Day Infinitely Easier

Like any big project, moving to a new place is made up of a seemingly-endless list of smaller tasks and mini-projects. Thankfully, like any big project, there are a few key things you can do to make Moving Day much easier, simpler, and more manageable. Today, our blog covers some of the most useful things you can do to make Moving Day much, much more stress-free.

#1: Get a Clear Bin for the "On-Hand Stuff"

Everyone knows that it can take weeks to fully unpack. Some people take even longer. While that's fine for things like photo albums or old books, there are more than a few items that you'll want on hand immediately—things like your insurance information, your laptop or computer, or your go-to shoes. Packing those things in a clear plastic bin not only ensures that it'll be easy to find, but that you'll know exactly where it is when you need it.

#2: Pack an Overnight Bag

Here's what's going to happen at the end of Moving Day: you'll arrive at your new home absolutely exhausted. Count on it, because you don't want to be absolutely dead-tired and rummaging through dozens of boxes to find your bathroom supplies (and your favorite outfit) before work tomorrow.

Instead, pack a duffel bag with a change of clothes, nice shoes, and a toiletry kit. Put it in your car on moving day, so when you're all moved in and ready to crash, you'll have all your essentials at hand. No fuss, no mess, no problems.

#3: Use Your Last Grocery Trip to Meal Plan

We recommend taking your very last grocery trip two weeks before Moving Day, but with a caveat: make sure you plan out your meals first. Take an inventory of everything in your fridge or pantry that's still good to eat, and try to figure out a way to use all of it. You can get creative, or you can find some recipes on the internet to use up all those leftovers.

(This article shows a fun way to turn your old pantry scraps into fine dining).

There might be some surprising combinations you could make with old rice, stale bread, and unused canola oil, or with old salad greens and leftover shredded chicken. Google some recipes, and that way you'll save money, space, and effort on packing up your pantry on Moving Day.

#4: Label Boxes by Room

This is a simple one: buy labels and a big, fat permanent marker and label each box by the room it belongs it. It's a simple way of making unpacking a lot easier. When all of your boxes are grouped by where they're suppose to go, it looks less overwhelming and lets you tackle unpacking room-by-room.

For extra credit, you can even number each box and set up a list in Google Docs with what's inside each box. Looking for a steak knife? Just check your document for box "Kitchen - 2"!

#5: Buy a Large Roll of Plastic Wrap

Plastic wrap is a great way to protect wooden furniture from the bumps and scratches that come from sitting in a moving truck. You can actually buy a large, industrial roll of plastic wrap from some packing companies—we use it for large furniture, delicate objects, dressers, and other potentially fragile items.

To save yourself a step on packing your clothing, you can actually put your clothes in your dressers, then wrap your dressers in plastic sheeting. Not only will the sheeting preventing the dressers from sliding open, but it means you won't need to unpack your clothes. Just place your dresser in the new place, cut the plastic sheeting, and the job is done!

Here's a bonus tip: the best way to make your Moving Day absolutely stress-free is by hiring a licensed and insured moving team. Our professional Los Angeles movers provide careful-but-speedy packing, transportation, storage, and unpacking services for people and businesses nationwide. Speak with us today to get a free quote on your move!