Items to Donate During a Move

What Should I Do With Extra Belongings During a Move?

Whether this is your first time moving, or your second or third, you’ll know there’s a crucial step in the process: packing up your belongings before the big day arrives! And, regardless of whether you own a trove of treasures or just the “essentials,” there are usually a few items in your possession that you’re looking to part ways with before moving into your new living space.

However, if you’re not too sure what to do with those “bonus” items, here are some you should consider donating, rather than kicking to the curb.

What Items Can I Donate Before I Move Into My New Home?


One of the best items to donate is clothing. Whether they’re old duds that still have a bit of life left in them or you’re moving to a state where a winter jacket will no longer be needed, there are many places where you can donate your garments to give them a second chance.

From a local donation bin to a thrift store, you’d be amazed at how many options there are to provide someone with the opportunity to rock your former frock and give it the love it once received!


Homeowners, did you know that you can donate your furniture? Instead of kicking it to the curb, you can consider donating some of your furnishings to a local homeless shelter, a thrift store, or even a local theatre group where your former couch can be cast in the leading role of a new show.

Games, Toys, and Collectibles

Do you have any toys or games from your childhood that you’re willing to part with? If so, consider donating them to a local shelter or thrift store. As long as your novelties aren’t in bad shape, many places will gladly take them and give them a new life.

The same thing applies for collectible items such as a souvenir snowglobe you picked up on a trip to a world-renowned theme park. There are collectors out there who may want to own what you’re trying to give away!

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