7 Organizing Tips to Prepare for Your Big Move

Moving is a big project, and the secret to any big project is to break the whole thing down into smaller steps and tasks. But if you do that, you’ll need a system for staying organized and on top of everything! Whatever organizational or project management system you’re using, we have six tips to ensure your pre-move preparation sets you up for success on Moving Day!

Tip 1: Creating a Main Moving To-Do List

Create a master to-do list for everything you need to do before Moving Day. Regardless of whether it’s a small task (e.g. “Get more packing tape”) or a big task (e.g. “Enroll kids in new school”), keeping an updated and detailed to-do list will help keep you on track through a hectic process.

Even if you never use to-do lists, writing down your tasks will actually lower your stress level. There’s a psychological phenomenon called the Zeigarnik effect that causes our brains to be consumed with any unfinished task or ‘problem.’ Human brains are natural problem-solving machines, so when it’s presented with a problem, our brains can’t let go. Writing those tasks down, however, convinces our brain that the problem has been solved.

In short, if you’re stressed out by everything you need to do, writing it all down will give your brain some much-needed relief!

Tip 2: Get Rid of All Your Junk Before Packing

Amateur movers often convince themselves that they’ll use their move as an opportunity to clean out their closet and finally organize their home. What usually happens is this: they wait until Moving Day to organize anything, by which point they’re already stressed and under decision fatigue, so they put it off until after they’ve moved.

The problem is that you’re paying to move all that unwanted stuff! Save yourself from the extra expense and back pain—take a couple weeks to clear out your stuff first. Whatever your Moving Day timeline is, set aside as much time throwing out or donating stuff as you are packing.

Tip 3: Pack Decorative Items Early

The photos and artwork on your walls are precious, but they’re not necessarily vital. Consider packing all your wall decor a few weeks early to get it out of the way. Doing it early also means you’re not rushing through packing, which is one of the top reasons things get broken or damaged during moves.

Tip 4: Make Copies of All Important Documents

Alright, this might feel tedious and unnecessary…but hear us out. A lot can happen during a move. You might need something now that’s sitting in a box at the bottom of a mountain-sized pile. You might misplace something and forget where you put it.

Keeping copies of your birth certificate, insurance documents, and social security cards is just an extra layer of security to give you peace of mind.

Tip 5: Label Moving Boxes Like a Professional

There are few tricks to make your labels do a lot of heavy lifting with minimal effort. One, make sure all your boxes are labeled on the side. Use the same side for each box for maximum consistency points!

Next, number your labels according to the room they belong! Keep a key of all the rooms in your home organized by number. Then, number your boxes accordingly. Just make sure you keep your list safe and accessible. If you want, you can also number the boxes in each room with a dash. For instance, box 12 from room 6 would be labeled “Box 6–12.” Your master list could then include a short description for each box, like “6–12: Silverware.”

Tip 6: Gather All Your Furniture Assembly Tools

This one is self-explanatory. Whatever tools you used to disassemble your furniture, keep them together in a single box. That way, when you want to reassemble, all your tools are right where you need them.

Tip 7: Pack a “First Night” Box

We’ve mentioned this on our blog before, but make sure you pack a box with all of your first-night items. That includes bedding, hygiene items, a change of clothing, pajamas, medications, and even some basic plates and cutlery. This makes it a lot easier to have a ‘normal’ night before you’ve started unpacking.

That’s it! 7 simple tips to make your Moving Day easy and stress-free. For an even easier experience, call the professional LA movers at AQMS today for a free quote!