5 Tips for Moving Across the Country

About to embark on your first cross-country move? It’s an exciting time...but it’s also a little stressful, if we’re being honest. Some days, we’re dreaming of all the cool new neighborhood spots we’ll have, and some days we’re pulling our hair out because we can’t find the account information for our internet provider. 

As professional movers, it’s our job to make moving as easy and stress-free as possible, so we put together this blog outlining our best tips for moving across the country.

Tip: Sort Your Stuff by Category, Not by Room

Here’s how packing usually goes: we pick a room, and we put everything inside of that room into boxes. Every room ends up with a hodgepodge of different items in it—for instance, every bedroom will have a mix of clothing, books, framed photos, and bedding all sorted into boxes. Inevitably, stuff from that room ends up in all kinds of boxes. Maybe a few books will end up in the clothes, maybe a pillow will end up with the photo albums.

Here’s a better alternative:

Pack everything by category. That means packing all the books together, all the bedding together, and all the wall decorations and photos together. Your boxes will not only be more uniformly and safely packed, but having everything packed together will make organizing your new place a snap. You can also focus your first night of unpacking on the items you need, leaving all the non-essential items 

Tip: Pack Dishes Like Vinyl Records

If you pack dishes stacked on top of each other, we’re here to show you a better way. Instead, pack them like vinyl records.

Packing them vertically puts your plates under less strain and makes it more likely that they’ll all survive the trip. If you have “good china,” this is definitely a useful and secure way to keep them safe.

First, wrap each dish individually in paper. Then, fill in the gaps between each dish with bubble wrap to keep them from knocking against each other. 

Tip: Put Your Most Important Items in a Plastic Bin

One of the best tips we can offer you involves planning ahead for your first night in your new home. 

There are a list of items we call the Must Haves—the items you’ll probably need to enjoy your first night at home. These items include a basic toolkit, eating utensils, all-purpose cleaner, among other things. 

The easiest way to make sure these things are easy to find on Moving Day is packing them in a clear plastic bin. This saves you the time and effort of digging through all your stuff trying to find “that one thing you need.”

Tip: Pack Your Wall Decorations Weeks Ahead of Time

Packing photos, artwork, and framed items requires a few extra steps (bubble wrap, cardboard reinforcement, etc). Why not get that process started early so you’re less stressed on Moving Day? After all, it’s not like you need them hung up for the last few weeks in your old place.

Tip: Reserve Your Moving Team Early

If you’re planning on hiring professional movers, you’ll want to make sure you reserve your day a month ahead of time (or more), especially if you’re moving on a weekend. Everyone calls AQMS for help on weekends, so if you can, try to schedule your move on a less popular day. 

For example, hiring us for a Tuesday means you’re a lot more likely to get the day you need. 

(If you have less than a month until your move, call us anyway—we handle emergency moves too!)

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