Moving to Los Angeles? Here are the Things You Should Know

Los Angeles is one of the greatest cities to live in the world. Los Angeles is culturally diverse; in fact, city residents come from 180 countries and speak 140 languages. Because of all the unique backgrounds and languages in Los Angeles, it can be a culture shock for new residents. For that reason, the team at Affordable Quality Moving and Storage has come up with a list of things you should expect if you are moving to the City of Angels.

Los Angeles Lifestyle

If you are moving to LA, you will notice that everyone has a laid-back California style. Many companies throughout Los Angeles allow employees to go to work in casual attire. You will also notice that a lot of people love to hang out in cafes during all hours of the day. Healthy living is a big part of the culture here, so we're a city that encourages anything and everything new and healthy—whether its yoga studios, juice bars, or meditation studios.

Los Angeles is also a destination city for foodies nationwide. Many cities across Los Angeles County are cultural focal points for specific immigrant groups, which means you can find a high concentration of ethnic fare. Some of the most popular cuisines in Los Angeles include Thai, Korean BBQ, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, and Armenian food. Angelenos are spoiled for choice when it comes to sushi, tacos, and of course, burgers.

Los Angeles Traffic

In Los Angeles, the easiest and most convenient method of transportation is driving, so one of the things you should be prepared for when moving to Los Angeles is the traffic. Living in Los Angeles means that you will have to deal with traffic congestion all the time. Freeways are always jammed with Monday thru Friday commuters, but don’t expect much relief on weekends. You can easily get stuck on the 405 on an early Saturday morning as much as on a Monday evening. We suggest giving yourself at least a 45-minute buffer if you plan on driving into downtown LA or nearby areas.

Los Angeles Weather

Los Angeles is known for the year-round sunny weather. We have what's called a Mediterranean Climate, which occurs when desert and ocean weather collide. In other words, we have the best of both worlds: temperate winters and hot summers with warm nights. That’s because cooler ocean air moves across the LA Basin when the sun goes down. LA is made of different microclimates; for instance, ocean communities like Ventura or Malibu are generally cooler than inland areas like San Bernardino. The San Fernando Valley is much hotter and drier than other areas. Every year, the Santa Ana winds kick in and push LA’s prevailing winds in the opposite direction, moving air from drier inland areas across the coast.

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