5 Items That Get Damaged on Moving Day

If you’re moving this season, learn how to protect your belongings with tips from the pros at Affordable Quality Moving & Storage. We have listed some of the items that damage easily during a move, and we’ve included tips on how to protect them. If you want to free yourself from the stress of moving, the Affordable Quality Moving & Storage team is here to help. We provide a variety of moving services including packing, unpacking, storage services, and local or long-distance moves.

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Items That Frequently Get Damaged While Moving

Drinking Glasses – It’s no surprise that drinking glasses and wine glasses are the number one breakable item. These items are fragile and need to be packed with care to prevent them from getting damaged. A great way to prevent your glasses from breaking is by using a dish-pack box that has double thick walls for extra protection. Some boxes also have compartments to prevent the glassware from getting crushed. Use bubble wrap or packing paper to protect each glass and then place them into a dish-pack box.

Plate Sets – Other items that commonly break while moving are plate sets. To prevent your plates from breaking, we recommend wrapping each plate in packing paper. Plates should be wrapped at least 3 times to ensure that they are properly secured. You can use a dish-pack box to organize plates in the box and to ensure they don’t they move. After the plates are wrapped and stacked close together, fill any remaining space with crumpled packing paper or bubble wrap. Protect each glass and then place them into a dish-pack box.

Artwork & Mirrors – Artwork made out of glass and mirrors often breaks because they don’t have enough cushion in the moving box. To protect your artwork and mirrors from breaking, use a picture box. Line the bottom of the box with crumpled paper, place the glass art in the box, then fill any remaining areas with paper or bubble wrap.

Wine & Liquor Bottles – Liquor and wine bottles can easily break or leak and damage items in and outside the box. We recommend using a cell box to store them properly. Use smaller boxes, so you can easily lift and carry them. You can roll each bottle in three or four layers of packing paper and secure the bottom of the cell box to prevent damages.

Liquid Cleaning Supplies – Homeowners often pack bottles of liquid cleaning supplies without properly sealing them. This can be a messy problem if the liquid cleaning supplies leak and damage other items inside the box. We recommend removing the bottle cap and placing a small piece of plastic wrap over the opening. Finish by tightly screw the cap back on. This will help secure the bottle from any leaks. You may also want to pack these items separately in a plastic container.

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