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Is Living In The City Better Than the Suburbs in Los Angeles?

Do you live in Los Angeles and are looking for a change in scenery? You might have grown tired of the traffic, the noise, and the lack of parking in the city. Or maybe you're bored of the suburban life and want to live in a more exciting area. Regardless of what you are looking for, below the Los Angeles movers at Affordable Quality Moving and Storage share the pros and cons of living in both the suburbs and the city.

When deciding if you should move to the city or the suburbs, there are things you should consider. Some of the things you should consider include housing options, commute times, school options, and available amenities. Deciding if the city or the suburbs is the right choice for you depends on your current and desired lifestyle.

Housing Options

An important thing to keep in mind when deciding to move to the suburbs or the city are the housing options. Living in the city is an excellent option for singles or couples because Los Angeles contains many apartment complexes. However, the housing options in the city might not always work for larger families and vise versa for the suburbs. If you have children or pets, moving to the suburbs may be a chance to create your dream home that gives everyone in your family personal space and better opportunities.

Commute Time

Commuting is also another important factor you should consider when deciding if you should move to the city or the suburbs. Commuting in the city is supposed to take less time because of the short distances. However, if you already live in Los Angeles, you already know this isn’t always the case. However, there’s no doubt that commuting to the city from the suburbs will take longer. Therefore, if you work in the city, it may be a good idea to stay close to your job. If you work closer to the suburbs, your commute would be much nicer if you move to the suburbs.

School Options

If you are moving with children, you've probably researched schools in the area already. Generally, suburbs have better-rated schools than in the city. If educational opportunities are a concern for you, this is an important factor to keep in mind. You should find a school that offers the educational opportunities and curriculum that meet you and your child’s needs—whether it’s a robust arts or sports program. If your child is still a toddler, be sure to consider the middle schools and high schools they will attend as they grow older.

Entertainment Options & Amenities

The most crucial factor when looking for a new city to live in is to make sure that it fits your lifestyle. Are you looking for a place with limitless entertainment options and outdoor activities? Are you looking for a location that has recreational activities available for your child? Or are you looking for a city with nightlife and adventure? Cities like West Hollywood or downtown Los Angeles may be an excellent location for couples who like to have limitless entertainment. However, Burbank may be more suitable for a family of four.

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