5 Super-Effective Tips to Learn a New Language Before Moving Abroad

Moving internationally is both exciting and daunting—especially if English isn't the spoken language of the country you're moving to. If that’s the case, we highly recommend learning as much as possible before you move so that you'll have a smoother experience when you arrive. The team at Affordable Quality Moving & Storage has put together the best 5 most effective ways to learn a new language before moving abroad.

1. Purchase a Translation Dictionary

The first tip is get a translation dictionary. You’d be surprised how many people forget to buy one before moving internationally. When learning a new language, having a good translation dictionary will go a long way in helping you learn new words and phrases, especially phrases you won't normally cover in a language class. We recommend you purchase two dictionaries—a large one to help you practice on your own, and a pocket-sized one to carry on the go.

2. Take a Language Class

Take a language class; you will find it beneficial to take an in-person class where you can ask questions and practice speaking conversationally. You may be able to take an individual course that offers the one-on-one attention you need, or you can take a class with a larger number of students where you can practice with other classmates.

3. Find a Language-Learning Partner

If you decide to take a language class, that's the perfect place to find a language partner. If you want to learn a language more efficiently, we recommend finding a partner who can guide you. A language partner should motivate you to learn and achieve more, and they should also be someone you don’t mind meeting a few times a week. If you're moving with a spouse, consider learning together. 

4. Schedule Time to Practice Every Day

It takes time, study, and consistency to learn a new language. One of the best ways to learn a new language quickly is by setting time aside every day to practice and increase your language skills. We recommend you spend at least an hour a day to devoted to learning a new language. "But how should I practice?" Studying flashcards and consulting your dictionary is one way to learn, but studies show that the best language-learning technique is total immersion.

Make a rule that you're only allowed to speak your second language with your language-learning partner, roommate, or spouse for an hour minimum each day. Go to areas in your city where there are a lot of native speakers and avoid using English. You can even set your social media apps to the language you're learning!

5. Download a Digital Language App

There are a ton of useful applications that are great tools for learning a new language. Popular applications include Memrise, LinguaLift, Duolingo, and Babbel. These applications offer instructions on multiple languages and they allow you to study whenever and wherever you’d like.

We understand that moving internationally is intimidating, but we are here to help you. Spend time learning a new language while we handle the rest of your move. We help customers pack, move, and unpack their belongings safely. Contact us today to get a quote from our licensed and insured team today: (818) 960-1988!