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5 Tips & Tricks for Packing Clothes for a Move

Many movers quickly realize that packing clothes is not as easy as it seems. Without the right packing tips, your clothes will be left wrinkled in a large box, and unpacking will become a nuisance. However, packing clothes is simple if you have the right tricks up your sleeve. The international moving experts at Affordable Quality Moving & Storage have put together 5 tips and tricks you should use when packing clothes for your move.

#1: Use a Garment Box: A garment box is a great way to keep your clothes organized while making it easy to unpack. A garment box allows you to transfer your clothes that are hanging up in the closet to a box and to your next closet without having to remove any hangers.

#2: Use a Garbage Bag: If garment boxes are not an option, a garbage bag is a great alternative. You can still transport hanging clothes without going through the trouble of taking off the hangers. You can do this by grouping clothes together and slipping a garbage bag over them and tying the strings right below the part of the hangers that hold on to the closets bar.

#3: Use a Suitcase: Your suitcase is perfect to use for clothing because they’re easy to identify and transport. A great technique to use when packing clothes in your suitcase is to roll items instead of folding them. Use every nook and cranny to add small items like underwear, socks, and tights.

#4: Use Garment Bags for Packing Valuables: For items that are valuable or delicate, we recommend packing them in garment bags that provide an added layer of protection. Garment bags reduce the chances of your clothes getting dusty, wrinkly, or damaged during your move.

#5: Use Small Boxes: Although clothing items aren't usually heavy on their own, pounds add up quickly when they're piled on top of each other. We recommend using smaller boxes because they will be much easier to carry when full.

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Long-distance moves are complex, especially when packing clothes, kitchenware, and storage rooms for an international trip. The expert movers at Affordable Quality Moving & Storage are here to make your move easier. We help customers pack, move, and unpack their belongings so that they can focus on more important things without stress.

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