How to Help Children Adapt After a Move

As you are in the process of preparing for a move, you have begun to question how you can help your children acclimate to their new environment. You begin to wonder if they will make friends at school if there are any nearby playgrounds, and you worry your children will miss their old home.

If you need assistance in helping your children adapt in a time of transition, here are a few tips that you can learn from.

Tips to Help Your Children Adjust After Your Move

Walk the line between providing dependence and independence.

As you ponder how you should interact with your children after you move into your new home, one of the most important practices is to be there for them while also providing the necessary space. Whether they understand it or not, children will usually be upset at their parents for a move. Children thrive on familiarity; regardless of why the move happened, kids will feel that their parents were somewhat responsible for a change in their life. Therefore, they may be unknowingly upset and want to be distanced from parents for a little while.

For this reason, it is important that you give your kids space when they need it and comfort them when they ask. Let their room be a private place where they can deal with their emotions. Allow your kids to make minor decisions regarding the décor or layout of their rooms. This can help them feel like they are in charge of their new space which creates a sense of comfortability in a time of transition.

Let your kids feel their emotions, but stay positive for them.

Moving is not easy, and children cannot always comprehend how they feel. They may be upset, they may lash out at you, but it is important that you support them throughout their emotional states. It is good to be real with your children, but it is also important that you show positivity throughout the process. You can say that things are hard, you can commiserate with their sadness, but always come out on the other side as a positive leader. Being a positive role model accomplishes two purposes for your children.

First, it gives your children the ability to be upset. When a parent is upset about something, children will unknowingly hide their emotions to try to help their parent. However, this is unhealthy for kids because they are unable to comprehend why they are swallowing their emotions and they may internalize the negativity. By being positive throughout the process, you are giving your children the ability to show their full emotions and deal with the transition in a healthy manner.

Second, positivity helps your children acclimate more quickly. There is a reason why many kids cannot help but smile when a parent is being silly with them. Children are heavily influenced by their parents’ emotions. This means that a parent’s ability to normalize the new environment will help children normalize the situation as well. You are their rock and their stability, and your positivity will guide them through their difficult time in facing the unknown.

Finish the moving process completely.

One of the worst things a recently moved family can do is leave things packed for the next couple of months. Children are highly sensitive to their surrounding environments. This is due to the fact that children have a hard time understanding and waiting for “the future.” On average, kids are much more “in the moment” than adults.

So, when a child sees a box of belongings, they do not see the end result of those belongings becoming items in the living room. What they see is uncertainty and hesitation in the moving process, and they will react accordingly. When boxes are left packed for weeks or months, kids will have a hard time trusting their new home is their long-term place of residence. Children need tangible examples of permanence. One of those examples is the unpacking of all the items.

Efficient Moving Services at an Affordable Price

Between jobs, kids, and the stress of moving, it is rare to see a family complete a move in a suitable, healthy manner. Giving your kids the tools they need to acclimate to their new environment necessitates your energy and time, which you may not have if you move on your own.

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