Four Problems with Using Personal Moving Vehicles in Los Angeles

You did it: you mustered up the courage to look at the logistics of moving to or from downtown Los Angeles. You are excited about your new move, but you haven’t been realistic about using, borrowing, or renting your personal moving vehicles for the process. Unfortunately, there are complications in moving around Los Angeles when it comes to parking and utilizing personal vehicles.

Here is a list of the top problems of using personal vehicles to make a Los Angeles move.

  1. Your work can end up being tripled or quadrupled when using personal vehicles.

Maybe your apartment complex has an elevator, maybe you have a dolly at your house, and maybe your friend has a small pickup truck, but that doesn’t change the facts: you have a lot of items that will not fit in one or two trips between homes. If you choose to use personal vehicles to transport your items from one home to another, you can end up multiplying your workload. You probably already know this, but traffic in Los Angeles is a nightmare. Even if your move is relatively short, Los Angeles traffic can turn a 15 minute trip into a 45 minute trip. Now imagine that you need to make three round trips to get all of your things from one spot to the other. That is four and a half hours of time spent driving. Professional Los Angeles movers, on the other hand, can give you four and a half hours of freedom, in addition to all the time you will save from not having to pack up or unpack your things.

  1. It costs money to rent your own personal moving vehicle if you can’t borrow one.

After realizing you don’t want to waste four hours of time waiting in traffic and playing Tetris with your Camry or Accord, you may decide to rent a U-Haul or other moving automobile from a vehicle renting company. Let’s look at the logistics of a rental truck. Say you are going to put at least 60 miles on your truck. That’s at least 60 dollars right off the bat. When you factor in the cost of the truck, moving materials; like dollies and furniture protectors, insurance, and other costs, you are looking at more than $150 at least. This price affords you the ability to move on your own. That seems like a substantial price tag for doing all the work by yourself.

  1. You may have no option but to park a block or two away from your home.

When it comes to moving in Los Angeles, you have to remember that you are moving in a city. This means parking is scarce in the first place and will be nearly impossible to find when you realize you are trying to score a spot in front of your home.So more than likely, you, and whoever you have helping you, will end up walking a block or two or more to get your belongings placed in your new home. Just envision carrying all your goods down the sidewalks of L.A. and ask yourself why you would ever subject you and your helpers to such cruel and unusual punishment.

  1. It costs money to get a permit to have your personal vehicles along a Los Angeles curbside.

Parking in Los Angeles is like parking in every other city—awful. It’s overpriced, it’s complicated, and it’s a hassle. However, the city of Los Angeles will rent you one of their curbsides if you’re willing to pay for it. How much will it cost? Well, it depends. The prices of renting a curbside vary for factors such as: how long you need the curb for, how big of a space you are renting out, and the time of day that you are using the curb. The other issue with renting a curb is that your permit is subject to weather forecasts, holidays, and other circumstances. So you may end up paying for a permit that you cannot use due to rainy weather. If you are not yet deterred from trying; obtaining a permit requires that you travel to the Bureau of Street Services Investigation and Enforcement Division between 7:00 AM and 3:30 PM, where your permit request can ultimately be denied. So the only question left: why deal with all of this hassle when you can hire professional movers who can do all of this work for you?

Giving You Another Moving Option

At Affordable Quality Moving Services, we believe you shouldn’t have to deal with the traffic, road signs, and parking of Los Angeles while you are in the process of moving. Our family has been in the moving business in the Los Angeles area for over 20 years, which means that we know how to perform your L.A. move with trusted precision that comes from historic reliability. Our team can simply assist you in getting your things from point A to point B, or we can help you with every aspect of your move. So why bother with streets, traffic, and signs when the alternative is making one phone call?

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