Things to Think About When Moving into a Los Angeles Apartment

You signed the lease, and you are excited to move into your new Los Angeles apartment. However, you have yet to think through the process of actually moving your items to your new home.

Los Angeles is a complicated city, and it’s important to prepare for a complicated move.

  • Los Angeles is busy no matter the day.
    Typically, moving during weekdays is less of a hassle than moving in on weekends. However, due to the vibrancy of the Los Angeles lifestyle, the city is busy on any given day. This means you can expect a lot of traffic and a fight for parking spots near your new home. Be prepared to walk with your things down the streets of L.A. if you aren’t much of a planner.
  • You can rent curbsides in Los Angeles.
    Some apartment complexes have their own parking lots, but even if you could use those spots to move in, it is unlikely that they will be right next to the entrance of your new apartment. For this reason, you can reach out to city and obtain a curbside permit. This permit allows anyone to buy a portion of curbside for a dedicated amount of time. There are a lot of logistics that go into obtaining a permit. While they can be expensive for just the luxury of being closer to your apartment building, they are better than walking four blocks to drop off your things.
  • Not all apartments in Los Angeles have an elevator.
    You may think your move will be simple due to a possible elevator in your new apartment building, but you need to make sure that an elevator actually exists. In addition to this, some elevators in Los Angeles apartments must be “signed for.” This means that you must tell the front desk worker at the apartment about your move-in date. You will have to give them a time and they will block out the elevator just for you. However, apartments in Los Angeles that were built without an elevator have no obligation to install one. This means you may be stuck moving into a third-floor apartment with no elevator access. If this is the case, you need to either: have a lot of strong friends who can help you move or you need to hire professional moving services to make sure you don’t hurt yourself or your items while moving into your new home.
  • Apartment hallways and door positions can make furniture moves impossible.
    While the space you are renting may be a great spot, the layout of the apartment may make it extremely difficult to put in your new furnishings. TVs, beds, couches, and drawers can all make moving into a new apartment a nightmare. Figuring out how to force your items to fit in these spaces can take extra time and energy that you may not have.

Hire a Professional Moving Company

Rather than preparing for all of these hazards and more, why not treat yourself to a professional moving service that will take care of the logistics for you? With over 20 years of service in the Los Angeles area, Affordable Quality Moving Services will make your move a breeze. Our team will efficiently take your items and put them where they need to be. With AQMS, you are free to concentrate on making your apartment a home.

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