Why People Are Flooding Los Angeles (Despite Bad Traffic)

Los Angeles allegedly has a…not-great reputation everywhere else in the country. While you always have the dreamers who believe LA has the key to their destiny as a screenwriter/actor/director/model, the “adults” know that LA has terrible traffic, poor air quality, and terrible housing costs. But for someone reason, LA continues to have far more people coming in than are leaving.

What’s the deal?

Well, a big part of the answer is work. Los Angeles has an employment rate of 4.4 percent as of November 2017, and it’s been going down steadily since 2010. It might be a little more expensive to live here, but it also pays off. While California is known for being a costly place to start a business, Los Angeles is filled with people who need to spend their money.  

The Largest Industry in LA Isn’t What You Think

The sprawling, historic city of Los Angeles might be known for being the movie-making capital of the world…but most of the jobs are for regular, 9-to-5 workers. According to the latest figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the industry with the most LA employees is trade, transportation, and utilities. Meanwhile, the fastest-growing industry (in terms of new hires) is construction.

Like any other city, Los Angeles is hungry for people who know how to make a living with their hands, either through building or repairing. The next best industry? Education and health services.

And hey, if you want to try out for a part in a movie, go for it. You’ll likely live within 5 miles of a casting director—might as well give it a shot!

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