Why Hire a Professional Moving Company?

The premise of a move is simple in theory: take your things from Point A and get them to Point B. However, the actual process of moving is much more complicated. Between slim door frames, flights of stairs, awkward furniture, and the hundreds of items that need to be packed, the work that moving requires is overwhelming.

Here are some of the top reasons you should hire a professional moving company to do the work for you!

Moving Companies Can Do Everything

You decided to move, and yet haven’t done a single thing to help you accomplish that. This is totally fine if you hire professional movers like Affordable Quality Moving and Storage! We offer services that range from picking up your pre-packed boxes and driving them to your new address, to going into your home and packing every single thing for you. We offer custom move plans that fit what you need, so you can be in control of your move.

Moving Companies Insure Your Items

If you or a friend breaks one of your items while moving, the money you paid for that item is gone. However, with professional movers, your items are insured. We insure your items because we trust in our ability to move them without a hitch. However, in the event that something does happen, our insurance will fit the bill and replace whatever has been lost. This allows you to relax knowing that your valuables are in good hands!

Moving Companies Are Transparent About Prices

When you hire a company like AQMS, you can expect a quote before you agree to any of our services. Looking to have your boxes moved? We will give you an estimate before we take them anywhere. Want to have your items packed, moved, and unpacked into your new home? We will come to your house and give you a quote so that you can be sure that our services are what you need before you commit to them. We are not in the business of catching our customers’ off-guard with fake prices and hidden fees. When you use a professional moving company, you will get expert service that is always transparent about your move.

Moving Companies Protect Your Old & New Homes

When you begin to pack your belongings, you realize just how easy it is to scratch, rip, cut, and harm your home with your possessions. Rushing to move furniture out of bedrooms and down stairwells can end up with you causing severe damage to your house. On the other hand, trying to figure out how to carry your bedframe efficiently and safely can eat up a lot of time. The solution? Having a professional moving service move your things for you. We have extensive experience moving heavy and awkward items, which means that we know the most efficient way to get them out of your old house and into your new home. In addition to our knowledge, we also have specific tools (like carpet protectors) that can keep your home extra safe during your move.

How Do I Reach a Professional Moving Company?

For a professional moving company in the Los Angeles area and beyond, Affordable Quality Moving Services is just a phone call away. As an expert moving service with over 20 years of quality work, we know the greater Los Angeles County. We can move you from L.A. to any other state in America, which means that long distance moves are not a deterrent for us. We offer free in-home quotes for anybody thinking through a move.

Call (818) 960-1988 for a free estimate for the moving services that you need! Let us show you why we have been in the business for over 20 years.